Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bali Balling..

Checked into the luxurious Blue Karma Resort, Ubud in Bali where we were greeted with bright greenery and vivid views. What a change from our previous location in Kuta where our favorite hangs were the mall and the beach. Blue Karma is a laid-back resort located in the outskirts of Ubud and reminds me of a relaxed hut in the middle of no where..

One thing to note about Ubud when paying a visit is that the nightlife activities is limited besides taking a walk by the Ubud Palace, therefore, i recommend choosing a great place to stay as there is nothing much to do in the night besides staying in. Personally, i didn't go out that much besides visiting the rice terraces and i spend my day either on this comfy bed or by the pool. Given another chance, i will choose Blue Karma anyday..

Created in collaboration with The Asia Collective 


  1. These pictures are just heavenly. They look like film stills.

  2. Amazing photos!