Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday + Thoughts

 Off Shoulder Top, Rockstar

 Silver Mesh Watch, Cluse Watches 

Hanging out at home this Saturday afternoon, replying emails and prepping shoots for the week. There is always this calming effect that taking photos have on me, to be able to capture something forever. Capturing one's first moments be it first baby steps or first love, and one's final moments. This month, taught me so much about the importance of living life to your fullest, and most importantly, that life is short. Tomorrow may be just the day that will completely change your life. 

In a separate note, i have been wearing the La Bohème watch from Cluse to death ever since receiving it! They are oh so sturdy and matches my silver accessories perfectly. Wear it with a great tailored shirt or a great basic tee and you will be set to go!

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